Hooray! I Bought a Beautiful House

It was a very successful week.  R’s job is going well, and after viewing five properties, I had an offer accepted on the one I knew I’d want.


I have a long closing date since I have surgery in January and still have to sell my house here.  But by March, I should be living here.

I had brainstormed what I need in life to make me happy.  This house fits much of what is on the list.

What I require to live comfortably/happily:

1.  Trees  Preferably on my property, but certainly nearby and lots of them.  Yes!  It’s almost too shaded.  I’d wanted to have a vegetable garden, but it wasn’t a necessity for my happiness.  Trees are.  It’s also really private and on a tree-lined street where houses are a decent distance apart.

2.  A cozy chair with a nice view.  It has that. I will bring my cozy chair with me.  I love the bay window in the living room.  I imagine that’s where I’ll spend a lot of time daydreaming with cups of tea.  


3.  Four seasons. Definitely.  But more winter than I’m used to.  We’ll see how I deal with that.

4.  A comfortable bed, electric blanket and duvet. This one has always been easy to accomplish.

5.  I want to live near water…preferably an ocean, but Lake Ontario is okay.  It’s a ten-minute walk to the harbour.  I am so excited about that.  And ocean.  Ocean!!!

6.  A good bicycle. Two good bicycles.  Because this is near the trailer where I spend my summers and I already have a bike there, I now have two!

7.  A library. According to google maps, the new library is an eight-minute walk away.

8.  Pleasant places to walk and cycle. It is right in the heritage district of the city I am moving to. Lots of cute little museums and heritage houses. The harbourfront is lovely to walk along.  Plus, there is a cute coffee shop in the quaint downtown area which abuts the waterfront. Also, there is a rail trail not far away.


9.  Internet The little city is well-serviced with internet.

10.  Warm, dry, and well-fed, with something to preoccupy my mind and people I love nearby. All of these things can happen here. My son, who is nineteen, has decided not to move with me which I understand even if I wish he were.  I get it.  It’s not exactly a happening place for young people.  I’ve told him that he will always have a place to live with me should he need it.

Also, this property has an adequate space for my puppies to play.  The city has a hospital and two walk-in clinics. It has a garage for storing my bikes and garbage bins and gardening implements.  I love the little lamp post in front of it.

 Perhaps the best thing about it is that I felt really good living according to my values while purchasing it.  It is important to me to be as fair as possible.  The increase in property values here means that I could buy this place with the equity of my current home.  It is currently owned by an older Acadian woman and there was no way I wanted to be the arsehole from Ontario swooping in and low balling an offer even though it has technically been on the market for over a year.  So, I offered 95% of her asking price.  R thought I was offering too high, but really, it was such a good deal…especially after viewing all the scary properties I would never entertain buying.  She came back with an offer mid-way between the list price and my offer and I accepted.  So, the entire transaction has been fair and mutually beneficial.  That is very important to me.







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